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    GRD End Casing Seals For Carrier Pipe End Seal A safe and economic system for sealing the ...

    GRD Plastic Insulators System eneral Information ...

    GRD-PZA “Set-On” bag Weight Innovative Design GRD-PZA “Set-On” bag Weight is an innovative product that...

    GRD-PZD set-on bag weights GRD-PZD set-on bag weights are manufactured from extremely tough, non-...

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    Langfang Great Petroleum & Gas Equipment Co., LTD  (Hereinafter say GRD) is leading in the industry in the pipeline accessories.  Our signature products such as the GRD’s geotextile fabric negative buoyancy bag-weights is a patented system of top-loading, gravel filled compartments that straddle a pipeline to achieve buoyancy control. The  GRD’S Bag weight system provides an effective, environmentally friendly and economical solution to your weighting requirements. GRD’S  bag weights can be used on all types of pipelines - both steel and plastic - including gas, oil and water.  Take a moment to browse through our site and learn why GRD saddle weights have become the global leader in soft buoyancy control! And for the series insulators are patented products that are universally applicable in the installation of pipelines when the carrier pipe runs inside a casing; and the Cathodic Protection Test Piles are patented that are used for the cathodic protection for the buried steel-pipeline of natural gas, LPG, oil, product-oil, coal gas, chemical plant, Hydraulic Engineering and Water supply engineering, etc.  GRD also manufacture casing end seal, cleaning pigs, warning tapes and warning signs that can be used for all kinds of oil, gas, water and new pipelines

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